TAV - I am an Active Citizen!(Macedonia)
About EVS:
European Voluntary Service enables young people, aged between 17-30 years, to become a volunteer in social projects in Europe from 2-12 months. Aim of EVS is to encourage young people from and outside of Europe to be in active volunteering projects in order for them to develop their skills and competences while promoting solidarity and tolerance amongst them.

About the Project:
''I am an Active Citizen!” is a short-term EVS project.
With this project we would like to increase the mobility opportunities of young people through involving them to EVS process. That's why we aimed to include the young people with fewer opportunities to our project to increase the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in international youth projects.
With this project and also as an output of Take the Chance Program we run in Southeast and Eastern Anatolia, we want to support the young people's active citizenship attitude.

Activities will be run by EVEC Kocani:
- recycling with the fabrics
- donation of new products which will be produced by volunteers
- online magazine publishing : volunteers will be expected to write articles about the topics which are interesting and beneficial for youth
- personel project development

Project will take place in Kocani - Macedonia between dates of
2nd December 2018 - 14th March 2019 (3 months - long term)
1st December 2018 - 30th January 2019 (2 months - short term )

Participant Profile:
- aged between 17 - 30 years
- motivated to work with local youth
- interested in to create new activities
- basic level of English knowledge

About EVEC Kocani:
It is a non-profit NGO which aims:
- to promote, establish and develop mutual respect, cooperation and personal contacts between the youth of the country and abroad;
- to prepare young professional living in the country and abroad;
- to contribute to achieving the vision of a righteous world where there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity;
- to contribute to education, to encourage mutual understanding and respect and to promote social responsibility in young people.

About project conditions:
- accomodation and food expenses will be covered %100 by the project budget.
- travel expenses will be covered %100 by the project budget.
- a monthly volunteer allowance will be given to volunteer regarding to country.
Monthly allowance for Kocani: 60 EUR
- a mentor, who will guide the volunteer, will be provided to volunteer during the project process by the hosting organisation.
- volunteer will work 5 days a week (approx. 30-35 hours a week), from Monday to Friday. Working hours may be flexible, agreed with the Volunteer and other people/institutions involved in the task.Volunteer will have 2 days off per week: Saturday and Sunday.

How to apply:
Candidate volunteer needs to fill the form. After the review of the responses short-listed candidate volunteers will be contacted via e-mail in order them to send their CV and Motivation Letter (in English). The ones who are selected by the hosting organisation will be contacted via e-mail.

DEADLINE: 28th of October 2018, 15:00

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