A Hoodie for you – The Hoodie Interviews
Dear Reader, welcome!

We, the Hoodie Community, are very happy that you came here. Hoodie is still a small, but growing project, and it would be nothing without the people involved into it and supporting it.

No matter if you already built something based on Hoodie, had an encounter with the Hoodie community you want to share or just want to give us feedback: your answers to these questions below are highly valuable to us. This questionnary was started off based on a small series of blog posts (http://blog.hood.ie/category/a-hoodie-for-you/ ) which we'd love to continue with your answers now. If you have any questions, please get in touch http://hood.ie/#about .

The Hoodies
Please tell us a bit about yourself
Who are you? What do you do for a living? Do you have any hobbies you want to mention? Whatever floats your boat :)
How did you you become the [developer, designer, writer, … as in: $YOURJOB] you are today?
Have you started with an OpenTechSchool Workshop, gone to university or learned on your own? Have there been important people you met and learned from, obstacles you overcame, books or blog posts you read or other inspirations that became very important to you? We'd love to hear your experiences.
In general: why are you contributing to Open Source-projects?
No matter if you're already having many years of experience or if you just got started: why do you contribute to Open Source projects? Or, if applicable, why do you contribute to Hoodie? Why do you think Open Source is important, what are your personal motivation and goals behind?
Are you working on Open Source Software frequently?
… or not?
How did you stumble upon Hoodie in the first place?
Maybe you read about us somewhere on the internet, found us on Twitter or heard of us at a conference? Tell us more about your first encounter with Hoodie.
What was your experience while working with (or on) Hoodie?
No matter if you built a Hoodie-based app yourself or had an encounter with the Hoodie community: we'd appreciate your feedback!
In which points do you see potential for improving Hoodie?
What would be major improvements in Hoodie for you? What can we do better? Please let us know, this helps us improve.
Anything else you’d like to add, or anything we just forgot in this questionnary?
How can we contact you?
Do you have e.g. a Twitter handle or email address or similar? We'd love to get in touch with you.
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