Muscle Case Study #2
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A frog femur with the gastrocnemius muscle attached is installed in a bone clamp as indicated in the accompanying figure. The sciatic nerve leading to the muscle is attached to a battery via electrical leads. A small weight is suspended from the free end of the Achilles tendon.The entire preparation is rinsed in one of the five different solutions listed below. A brief stimulus is then applied to the sciatic nerve by closing the circuit to the battery. Three muscle responses are possible, depending on the solution with which the preparation has been rinsed: (1) the muscle will twitch once normally; (2) the muscle will go into sustained contraction until it is completely fatigued; and (3) the muscle will remain flaccid and not twitch at all.
1. Which of the substances allows action potentials to reach the sarcolemma and the T-tubules but prevents muscle contraction? *
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2. Competitors of acetylcholine include which of the following *
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3. Which substance produces a sustained contraction (tetany) after a brief electrical stimulation of the sciatic nerve? *
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4. Which substance allows a single muscle twitch after a brief electrical stimulation of the sciatic nerve? *
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5. Which substance interacts with the synaptic vesicles within the axon terminal? *
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