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IBM and Cisco are working together to help teachers, staff and volunteers working for charities and not-for profit organisations along with healthcare professionals during the Coronavirus pandemic. It's our 100% Remote programme. We want to provide video-conferencing technology help and experience for staying in contact online, so that you can continue to collaborate with colleagues, teach, meet and manage remotely.

Cisco will provide free Webex licenses to all employees and volunteers of schools, charities, not for profit organisations and healthcare workers who want to use it (please note these will be individual user licences, not organisation level licences).Webex is a tool that makes it easy for groups to communicate with each other using video. It can be for online teaching, remote assistance or general communication.

IBM uses it across the world, so if you need a little help setting up and getting started with Webex then IBM and CISCO have a set of volunteers ready to share their knowledge and experience at no cost to you.

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