What do you think about the Booker's price increase?
How often do you drink Booker's? (choose one) *
Did you or will you stock up on Booker's before the price increase? (choose one) *
Will you buy Booker's when the price goes up to $100? (choose one) *
What's a fair price for Booker's? (choose one) *
Which best describes your sentiment towards Beam Suntory (Booker's) as a result of the price increase? (choose one) *
If Booker's price dropped back down to $60 relatively soon for any reason (including lack of sales at the new $100 price), which best describes how you might feel about that? (choose one) *
How concerned are you that this might be the first of many readily available brands to impose a substantial price increase? (choose one) *
Not at all
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