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ChemTalk ( is a USA-based non-profit with a mission to change the perception of chemistry, to make it fun and easy to learn, and to encourage people to develop a passion for it.

This survey will help us understand better what the current perception of chemistry is in the world, and what steps we can do to improve the perception, and make chemistry amazing, as it should be.

Thank you for filling out the survey, and please share this survey with others!
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What do you think most people's perception of Chemistry is? *
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What topic in chemistry do you think is the most confusing or difficult? *
What in your mind is preventing chemistry from being a more mainstream area of science? *
Who is your role model in the field of chemistry? Choose someone alive and well-known if possible. Please include their name. *
What is your status / profession? *
What is your level of chemistry knowledge?
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