PCOS + Food Peace Course Scholarship Application
For every 10 courses purchased, we provide one course to a person with PCOS wanting non-diet education and experiencing financial hardship. BIPOC and people with other marginalized characteristics will be prioritized for the scholarship spots. You will be contacted via your submitted email if selected. Thank you!
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The PCOS and Food Peace course is for those who are wanting to learn ways to live with PCOS without diets and without focusing on weight loss. If you are pursuing weight loss and/or dieting this program is not a good fit for you. Please do not apply for this fund if you are not interested in learning non-diet ways to live with PCOS. Are you looking for non-diet ways to live with PCOS? *
Why are you interested in doing the PCOS and Food Peace course? Why is the time right for you now? What else have you tried to help manage your PCOS? If you have any marginalized characteristics please let me know below. Write as little or as much as you need here. *
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