Teacher's Assistant Application
Becoming a Teacher's Assistant (TA) at Stagelight Performing Arts is an honor that comes with great responsibility. We expect our TAs to exhibit strong leadership qualities inside and outside the classroom at all times. Before completing this application, please make sure you meet and can maintain the following expectations for the whole season:

- Between 7th-12th grade in school
- Follows Stagelight dress code in all classes; looks presentable, has all required pieces of equipment and wears a Stagelight shirt or TA uniform while TAing
- Can maintain a pleasant facial expression while assisting in class
- Performs and dances "full out" in class
- Is friendly but firm, follows the teacher's lead on appropriate things to say and do in class
- Teachable, coachable, willing to learn and grow
- Self-starting, takes initiative
- Makes attendance a priority; communicates to the teacher and Office Manager before absence occurs
- Represents Stagelight Performing Arts in a positive manner at all times

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