DCARI May 27, 2020 Fire Investigation Report Writing-Test
This test is being provided to those who have attended the virtual Fire Investigations Report Writing training provided by Robert Toth, IRIS Fire Investigations and sponsored by DCARI.

The training course was offered LIVE on May 27, 2020.
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1. The scientific method can be ignored when writing an expert report. *
10 points
2. Critical assessment techniques in fire investigations include technical peer reviews. *
10 points
3. Trial notebooks can be produced by fire investigators to best document and present their case to in civil and criminal proceedings. *
10 points
4. Comprehensively reviewing your expert report never helps when preparing for deposition and testimony. *
10 points
5. When defending your expert report, annotated references and technical definitions are often helpful to refer to. *
10 points
6. Computer technology has many useful tools/programs when preparing expert reports and exhibits. *
10 points
7. Determining the cause of a fire and classifying the cause are two different functions *
10 points
8. Developing a template for your reports is worth the effort and a time saver *
10 points
9. Any font type and size can be used and are the choice of the writer *
10 points
10. An Executive Summary is an important part of the expert report *
10 points
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