July 4th Decorated Bicycle/Mower Parade
This form is for anyone interested in joining the July 4th Decorated Bicycle/Mower Parade.
This is a FREE event. IF we do not have enough participation for a parade, the parade will be canceled and we will just do a contest.

1.) Bicycle Entrants can ride alone or be assisted with training wheels. This is a grassy surface so training wheels may be difficult to ride w/o some assistance.
2.) Mowers may pull small trailers or wagons with family members inside. We request parents use all caution. NO babies or toddlers in wagons please. ALL mower drivers must be at least 16 yrs old. All wagon or trailer riders MUST wear bicycle helmets. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure wagon/trailer hookups are stable and afe and will not turn over.
3.) Gates open at 4pm. Parade and/or Contest starts at 4:45pm. The parade will take place in the field where the large covered stage is. Starting point is at the stage. ***Please be entered and lined up no later than 4:30pm.***
4.) Decorations are at your own discretion but please use all caution and think SAFETY.
5.) Each entrant will be given a number. Please attach to shirt or bicycle/mower. (we will have safety pins available)
6.) Once the parade/contest is over, you may exit the grounds to put away bikes/mowers and come back inside with a handstamp.
7.) Please bring your own tape, etc, to secure any decorations. We will not have any available.
8.) IF we do not have a parade due to lack of entries, we will have a Contest instead. Cash prizes will still be awarded.
9.) ALL participants will be notified by email prior to event about check-in times. area, etc.
Full Name:
Cell Phone:
Are you representing a Business? If so, business name?
Bicycle Entrants: How many and names and ages -
Lawn Mower Entrants: Will you be pulling a trailer? How many total participants?
If entering as a mower, is driver at least 16 yrs old?
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Do you understand that if there are not enough entrants to form a parade, there will be a judged contest only?
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Do you understand all entrants must be checked in no later than 4:30pm or you may not be able to join in?
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You will be notified in advance by email where to check in according to if we have enough entrants for a parade.
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Do you understand Humphrey Farm is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft to bicycles or mowers/trailers while on the farm.
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You promise to use all caution when riding on the farm grounds and understand there will be lots of people moving around during this event.
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You agree to hold Humphrey Farm and all entities free of indemnity of any harm or injury while on the farm. You agree that you are entering into this "contract" with Humphrey Farm of your own free will. You agree that Humphrey Farm and all entities cannot be held liable or responsible for any theft or damage to your merchandise or automobile while you are on the farm grounds.
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