The WITESOL Fall Conference 2017 - Call for Proposals
WITESOL invites all professionals working with English language learners in any context to submit session proposals for the annual Fall Conference. In addition, this year we invited undergraduate or graduate students in TESOL or a related field to submit session proposals. The Fall Conference will take place on Saturday, November 4th at the Madison Concourse Hotel. The Conference theme is: Reflective Teaching, Teaching Reflection: Meeting the Needs of Language Learners. Please note: you must be a member of WITESOL to present at the conference (but you do not need to be a member to submit a proposal).

Please complete all the required fields and provide as much information as you can. Click the "Submit" button when you are finished. Write all answers in English.

You may submit only one proposal per form. Additional proposals will require separate forms.

Each submission must contain a title (up to 12 words), a proposal (up to 300 words), an abstract (up to 50 words) and a biographical statement (up to 150 words). The proposal will be reviewed in terms of its 'fit' with the conference theme and its suitability for the intended audience. The title, abstract and biographical information will be used (if your proposal is selected) in the conference program and online through our social media outlets.

You may choose which type of session you wish to give from these five options:
1. PANEL (45 minutes, 3-6 panel members) Group of experts are able to present and discuss current issues from the field. Note: The primary presenter is responsible for gathering all panel members before submitting a proposal.
2. WORKSHOP/PRACTICE-ORIENTED PRESENTATION (45 minutes, 1-3 presenters) Develop skills, materials or knowledge applicable to participants' classroom settings, more audience participation with minimal discussion of theory or research.
3. RESEARCH-ORIENTED PRESENTATION (45 minutes, 1-3 presenters) May include some demonstration, but is intended for discussion of classroom technique(s), including the theoretical base(s) and results of research.
4. POSTER PRESENTATION (until lunch, 1-3 presenters) Can address the same research, topics, classroom techniques, or issues as other sessions. Available for viewing during the morning. Posters need to be self-supporting.
5. STUDENT PRESENTATION (10-15 minutes, 1-3 presenters) Intended for students to present a project/research study they conducted, should include theoretical bases of the project/research, presentations grouped into 45 mins. sessions.

The preferred deadline for submissions is June 2, 2017. We will work with those who submit by this date to perfect proposals. The final submission deadline is June 23, 2017. We will inform you of the status of your proposal by August 25, 2017. If accepted, you will need to indicate your plan to attend and present at the WITESOL Fall Conference by registering for the conference by September 15, 2017. Presenters who do not register and pay for conference registration by September 15th will lose their session. At that point, alternates will be contacted and will have until September 29th to register and pay for the conference registration.

If you have questions about the submission process, please email

Thank you for your submission to the WITESOL Fall Conference, 2017!

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