Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition IBCLC Scholarship Program: Information and Application
About the IBCLC Scholarship:

The Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition’s (MBC) mission is to promote, support and protect breastfeeding for all Maryland families. In order to cultivate a community of diverse professional lactation supporters, the Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition is offering two annual scholarships for people of color in our state who desire to become IBCLCs. The scholarship will pay the costs of:

• 90-hour Lactation Education Course OR a clinical internship
• Payment of IBCLC Exam fees

Additionally, the Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition will provide an IBCLC mentor to each awardee. These mentors will provide support and encouragement throughout the process of completing the class, applying for and preparing for the IBCLC exam.

Timeline for those requesting the scholarship for the 90-hour course:

1. Applications accepted fall 2020.
2. Awardees will be notified and enrolled in 90-hour course in January 2021
3. Awardee will complete 90-hour course by September 2021 (IBLCE deadline for April 2022 exam)
4. Sit IBCLC exam in April of 2022.

Timeline for those requesting the clinical internship will vary depending on location in Maryland, applicant availability to complete clinical hours, and possible COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Eligible Applicants:

1. Are members of an historically under-represented group of lactation care providers

2. Are currently working with mothers and babies who are members of underserved populations (for example in organizations such as Baltimore Healthy Start, Baltimore Doula Program, or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Services Program, also known as WIC)

3. Have completed the required health sciences education - you can read more about these requirements at the IBLCE website:

The required courses are: Biology, human anatomy, human physiology, infant child growth and development, introduction to clinical research, nutrition, psychology (or counseling skills or communication skills), sociology (or cultural sensitivity or cultural anthropology), basic life support, medical documentation, medical terminology, occupational safety and security for health professionals, professional ethics for health professionals, universal safety precautions and infection control.

4. Are current members of the Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition

Scholarship awardees names will be shared via our website and email list so we can celebrate your accomplishment! Please contact us at if you have questions regarding the scholarship or eligibility requirements.
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