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This form is intended for students at high schools who wish to become a Teach for Speech volunteer. You can choose from the following roles:

Elementary school teacher responsibilities:
• Deliver our elementary school curriculum to students
• Lesson plans for elementary school will place an emphasis on integrating public speaking with fun games and interactive activities(make sure to your fun side here ! :) )
• Encourage elementary school students to speak confidently(focus on building their confidence and supporting them through this process)
• Approximate time commitment: 1-2 hours per week

Middle school teacher responsibilities:
• Deliver our middle school curriculum to students
• Lesson plans for elementary school will focus more on introducing students to more "formal" types of speeches(presentations, advocacy speeches, etc.) and preparing them for activities such as speech and debate.
• Provide a safe and positive environment for students to give speeches
• Approximate time commitment: 1-2 hours per week

High school mentor responsibilities:
• Give insightful feedback on the presentations and speeches of high school students
• Feedback will cover aspects such as gesture, tone, speaking style, and speech structure
• Work will be fairly sporadic(amount of work depends on the amount of demand), so feel free to double in as an elementary/middle school teacher in addition to this position!
• Approximate time commitment: ~1 hour per week(sporadic, can be more or less depending on demand)
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NOTE: You can only choose ONE(1) position between the elementary school teacher and the middle school teacher. For example, you can double as an elementary school teacher and a high school consultant OR as a middle school teacher and a high school teacher, but you CANNOT be both an elementary and middle school teacher
What are your experiences with speech, debate, or any other public-speaking related activities? Please list the name of each activity as well as any positions you held(if applicable) *
What unique skills or perspectives will you bring to our team? *
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