Drexel Hillel What Do You Dare to Dream? Submission Form
Thank you for participating in the Drexel Hillel "What Do You Dare to Dream?" public reflections campaign. Please share your submission here. We look forward to sharing your reflections with the Drexel community throughout the first three weeks of the Fall 2019 term and during Drexel Hillel High Holiday services. For the full "What Do You Dare to Dream?" prompt and updates on the "What Do You Dare to Dream?" public reflection and High Holiday schedule visit www.drexelhillel.org/highholidays
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For submissions from students, faculty, staff, administrators & alumni:
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While the "What Do You Dare to Dream?" public reflections campaign is a project of Drexel Hillel, an organization dedicated to Jewish campus life, the campaign is designed to engage members of the campus community from diverse cultural, ethnic, faith and spiritual backgrounds and identity groups of all types. To get to know who we've reached with this project we are asking participants to share a few words about your own background. We won't be publishing or publicizing participant background information but we will use it to help us know who we've reached and who we've missed. Responding to this question is optional.
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If you choose to share anonymously we will print your submission labeled only with your relationship to the University.
Submission should be approximately 350 words for print (reflections to be read at High Holiday services may be longer). If you would like to submit an image with or instead of writing please send them to Rabbi Isabel at idekoninck@drexelhillel.org (and indicate on this form that you are submitting an image as well).
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Do you enjoy public speaking?
Several students, alumni, faculty / staff / administrators will be given the opportunity to share your reflections publicly throughout the course of High Holiday services and the beginning of the term at Drexel Hillel. Please let us know if you are interested in this public speaking opportunity.
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Drexel Hillel is dedicated to providing diverse, inclusive and pluralistic opportunities for Jewish engagement and expression on campus. We are also active leaders in our broader campus interfaith and civic communities. Please let us know if you'd like to get involved or learn more about our work:
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