California Educators for Medical Freedom
We are CA Educators for Medical Freedom, a non-partisan grassroots coalition of LA school employees. We fully support making the COVID-19 vaccine available to all employees on a voluntary basis as part of a safe plan that includes, temperature checks, physical distancing, improved ventilation and an increase in campus sanitation. However, we demand the vaccine be VOLUNTARY for the following reasons:

Forcing risky medical procedures on people is a human rights violation.

The documented damage these vaccines have caused over the last 9 months, (nearly 700,000 adverse events including 15,000 deaths have been reported to the CDC between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 13, 2021)

These COVID vaccines do not prevent transmission. Blaming the unvaccinated for new COVID cases is baseless and divisive.

Employees will be subject to booster shots to be considered fully vaccinated. This is proof that the COVID vaccines are not effective. Every shot you risk your well being and life.

Neither the manufacturers and LAUSD are assuming liability for any adverse events.
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I support educator's right to choose whether or not to take any vaccine.
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