RWFL 2020 Sponsored Athlete Programme
The Run/Walk For Life Sponsored Athlete Programme is aimed at supporting athletes with above-average running or walking abilities. These are athletes who are likely to place in the top 10 positions at running or walking races on a regular basis.

The ideal Run/Walk For Life Sponsored Athlete
The ideal Run/Walk For Life Sponsored Athlete has the ability and commitment to do well at running and walking races. These are athletes who regularly attain podium finishes.

The expectations

- Sponsored Athletes are required to inform Head Office or The Social Media Company in advance of any races they will be competing in.
- Sponsored Athletes are required to send regular photos of them in Run/Walk For Life gear at the races or on the podium.
- Head Office or The Social Media Company might occasionally contact Sponsored Athletes for comments on races, techniques and their own achievements.
- Where necessary and on a reasonable basis, Sponsored Athletes may be required to attend coaching clinics for regular RWFL members

What does a Sponsored Athlete receive?
- Free membership of the RWFL programme for 12 months
- Free annual membership of the RWFL athletics club
- Free access to the online version of eatForLife
- A set of free RWFL athletics club kit
- Any other Run/Walk For Life kit at wholesale prices
- 1 pair of ASICS shoes

Run/Walk For Life does not tolerate any form of hate or hate speech. If a Sponsored Athlete displays any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other form of bigotry publicly or online, they will be removed from the Run/Walk For Life Sponsored Athlete programme.

Not all applicants will be approved, and Run/Walk For Life reserves the right to not fill all the Sponsored Athlete spots.
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