ShredyRack Brand Ambassador Application
The ShredyRack is looking to build up its following and would like to promote a fellow adventurer to become it's first Brand Ambassador!

What you will receive:
-A Stainless Steel ShredyRack Roof Basket with various Sports Attachments at 40% off retail price. (Ski/Snowboard/Kayak/Bike)
-A 5% Commission when referring someone to order a ShredyRack.

Must Haves: (Please disregard this application if anything does not apply to you, thank you for your time though!)
-1,500+ followers on Instagram (or other large social media network)
-Multisport Enthusiast (Must do at least 2 out of 4 sports to use and show off attachments) Ski/Snowboard/Kayak/Bike
-Must participate in these sports at least 3-5 times a month (That way the ShredyRack receives a lot of visibility)
-Must be able to drive to New Bedford, Massachusetts to have the ShredyRack installed on your vehicle.
-Must have existing vertical or horizontal roof rails, or added aftermarket crossbars so the ShredyRack can be attached firmly to your roof.

Must Do:
-Keep 1 "ShredyRack" Vinyl Sticker somewhere visible on your car for 1 year.
-Promote & Tag ShredyRack at least twice a month.
-Allow "ShredyRack" to have the rights to repost pictures.

Thank you for your time so far, looking forward to hearing from you!

Here are a few questions I'd like to ask you. Applications end 2/15/19

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