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Please describe a special IT project that illustrates your leadership and vision.
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3.What were the main drivers for the implementation of this project? *
4.What challenges were faced during the project lifecycle? *
5.How did this project specifically address local challenges? *
6.Was this project initiated locally? *
7.What results were achieved by this project? *
Please explain why this specific project can be considered as an important innovation that benefited the organization and its clients/users.
1.Why should this project be considered innovative? *
2. How did this innovation impact employees within the organization? *
3.How did this innovation impact clients/users? *
4.Will this innovation lead to any follow-up initiatives (inside or outside the organization)? *
Please explain what steps the organization took to ensure that changes were smoothly and successfully implemented to ensure lasting benefits.
1.How did this specific project require extra effort in relation to change management? *
2.What change management efforts were developed for employees in relation to this project? *
3.What change management efforts were developed for clients/users in relation to this project? *
4.How did this project implementation affect your organization's daily operations? *
Please explain how the decision-making and implementation processes of this project reflect on the applicant's vision in terms of IT leadership and organization of the IT staff
1.What was involved in the decision-making process for this project? *
2.How was portfolio management used to evaluate, prioritize, and select the project? *
3.Please illustrate the involvement of employees/end users in any IT strategy around this project. *
4.How is the contribution of IT to achieving business goals being measured and monitored? *
Please explain how the IT strategy and the business objectives/missions are linked in your organization, and outline what the benefits of this IT project have been for your organization's operations.
1.Please describe what processes ensure the alignment of the IT strategy with the business objectives/missions of your organization. *
2.How does this project address a major business objective/challenge? *
3.What value was brought to the LOB by this project in terms of revenue, market share, quality of service? *
4.What value was brought to the LOB by this project in terms of productivity/efficiency? *
Please explain how this project helped your organization achieve its financial target: what has been the impact on IT costs? How did it help the organization to reduce operating costs?
1. Please explain how this project resulted in improved cost efficiencies for your organization? *
2.What was the overall cost of this project? *
3.What has been the impact of this project on operating costs? *
4.How long did it take for your organization to reach a break-even point? *
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