SUSD Hybrid / Blended Learning
The Hybrid/Blended Learning model allows students to attend some days in person, and some days through a distance learning mode. This is NOT online learning or HDPA. Students will complete the same in-class curriculum as required from students attending in-person classes. The hybrid model is targeted at 9th-12th grade students and families wanting to continue learning in the traditional "brick & mortar" environment, are motivated to complete work on their own, can be responsible for completing work independently, and are looking for smaller class sizes and limiting in-person contact to fewer days per week.

Ideal for families who want some in-person learning, are willing to complete some at home learning, and prefer to follow teacher-led curriculum.

The Hybrid/Blended Learning Option is ONLY available for 9th-12th grade students.

SHS - 4 days per week
2 days in class
2 days remotely
MGHS - 5 days per week
2 hours per day on campus
8:00AM - 10:00 AM OR 10:30AM - 12:30PM
3 hours per day remote learning
Attendance/Participation expected daily
Mastery learning in all classes
Graded assignments and feedback
Students will follow a daily class schedule during their days or times on campus.
Students will receive both real time and online instruction through Google Classroom (SHS) or Schools PLP (MGHS).
Continued connection to student's current School (SHS OR MGHS).
State and district testing required
Curriculum and teacher from student's school (SHS or MGHS)
Personal Internet connection required
Limited devices available in campus IT centers
TGIF will be available on Fridays from 7:40-11:30AM for SHS students
Mentor Time may be required from 1-3PM for MGHS students who are not on track.
MGHS students must complete 10 lessons per day.


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