Heilkunst Medicine Intake Form (for children under 14)
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Personal Information
Name (Last, First) *
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Place of Birth
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Mailing Address *
Please provide a current address where correspondence and/or remedies can be sent.
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Therapeutic Objective
What would you like to see change in your life? *
Present State of Health
Present State of Health *
How would you describe your over all state of health? Consider some of the common indicators, including general disposition, energy level, quality of sleep, appetite, and digestion. Please be as specific as possible.
Chief Concerns *
Please list 4-5 health concerns, which can be physical, mental, emotional, etc.
Describe duration and frequency (ex. 1 hour of Core Yoga 2/week). Please Indicate if any of the activities are new to your routine (i.e. started within the last two weeks).
Current Supplements
Include dose, frequency, and brand (ex. 120mg of Vitamin C per day {SISU, buffered}).
Current Prescription Medications
Include dose, frequency, and brand.
Current Nonprescription Medications (ex. antacids, laxatives, pain relief medication)
Include dose, frequency, and brand
How much WATER do you drink daily?
This amount does not include water content in tea, coffee, or juice
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Describe intake of other beverages
Include amount and frequency (ex. 2 glasses of orange juice daily, 1 can of pop 2-3 x week)
Blood Type
Your blood type can provide valuable information when selecting an optimal diet for yourself
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Typical Diet
Please describe typical meals (including snacks) and approximate times (ex. oatmeal or toast or yoghurt and fruit for breakfast between 7:30-9am; vegetable salad or meat and cheese sandwich for lunch between 12-1pm; meat, vegetables, and rice or pasta for dinner, between 7-8pm)
What types of food do you typically crave and when? (ex. sweets when I'm low energy, chips when I'm stressed, fatty food all of the time)
How many hours of sleep to you typically get each night?
Please indicate if you work shifts and/or sleep during the day.
Do you feel this is enough sleep for you?
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Family History
Please list any diseases and/or conditions that run in your family (parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins). Name the condition and the family member.
Ex. Lung cancer - paternal grandfather; heart disease - paternal grandmother
Informed Consent
I request and consent to participate in Heilkunst treatment with Carol-Ann Galego. I understand that no promise or guarantee of specific results can be made. I understand that each individual responds differently to treatment, and that all possible reactions cannot be anticipated.
I have read and understood the above consent for myself and/or the child under my guardianship. *
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