Rock Bottom - Verbatim Theatre Show
HER Productions are seeking contributions for a new verbatim theatre show about living with a mental health condition or mental state, reaching ‘rock bottom’ and building a pathway to recovery.
What mental health condition(s) or severe mental state do you live with? *
Please can we ask you your age? *
Please can we ask you your gender? *
Please can we ask you your sexuality? *
Please can we ask what societal class you identify as? (working, middle, upper class) *
How long have you had this condition or mental state? *
Can you tell us about reaching 'rock bottom' and how you knew you needed to make a change? *
What was the first thing you did to make a change in your life? *
Do you still live with your mental health condition / negative mental state? And if so, how do you manage it? *
Is there anything else you'd like to share? *
If you have one, what was one funny moment in your journey, of either ‘rock bottom’ or recovery?
If applicable, what are some ‘triggers’ you still encounter?
Are you happy for us to call you on the phone to record your story? *
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