Community Feedback Survey
As we move into a new year, we are thinking about how we can expand as an organization and best help our community. How can we prioritize our programming to better meet the needs of our community? Wise Fool is seeking feedback from our community members on how we can add the most benefit to you. Please complete this survey by answering whatever questions you are able based on what you find relevant to your identity. Wise Fool is seeking feedback on how we can do better in living our values in our community.
What programming have you participated in at Wise Fool? Check all that apply.
Tell us more. What did you enjoy about the program? What did not work so well? What suggestions do you have to improve it?
Is there a need in your community that Wise Fool could help meet? What do you and your family need right now?
Do you have any feedback from past experience at Wise Fool?
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