Survey: Children and COVID-19 Research Library
The Children and COVID-19 Research Library collects and curates research from around the world specifically focusing on COVID-19 and its impacts on children and adolescents. 

Our aim is to select academic articles, reports and policy documents with a clear potential to inform programmatic work on children, and in the core competency areas of UNICEF - including, but not limited to, Child Protection, Education, Social and Economic Policy, Child Poverty, Nutrition, WASH, Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Nutrition, Migration. We screen out opinion-based journalistic articles and blogs, multimedia material, guidelines, advocacy briefs and non evidence-based material, as well as highly specialized scientific articles( ie: virology, genetics, clinical or biomedicine etc.),  which are already widely featured in other repositories.

While the library is still under development, we would value your preliminary feedback to help us refine the database content and usability.

Kindly explore the Children and COVID-19 Research Library at and provide your input on the following:
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