2016 - Alberta Alfalfa Seed Crop Survey
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As a commission we are dedicated to providing the best possible research and extension for alfalfa seed growers in Alberta. The purpose of this survey is to determine the incidence, distribution and severity of many common cropping issues of commercial alfalfa seed fields in Alberta. This survey will be useful in honing and focusing our research efforts to ensure the maximum benefit for Alberta alfalfa seed growers.
As proven in previous years, the information collected in this survey has the potential for far-reaching benefits. It is our hope that your participation will help to quantify production issues, and provide a valuable “heads-up” to potential problems, affording all stakeholders the necessary time to develop management strategies.
Ultimately the success of this survey has the potential to make you more money.

Your continuing support is needed in order to provide ongoing and focused research and extension. After completing this survey if any issues arise that you would like to alert the commission to please do not hesitate to report them to brada@alfalfaseedab.com.

Brad Alexander
Research and Extension Manager
Alberta Alfalfa Seed Commission (ASCA)
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