SHE 2017 Title 1 Parent Survey
We want to hear from you! Mecklenburg County Public Schools wants to hear from all parents about how you think our schools are doing at including parents in their children’s schools.

There are no right or wrong answers. Your individual answers will not be shared with anyone. Please do not put your name on the survey. Please fill in the answer that best matches how you feel by filling in the circle completely. Thank you!

I feel welcome at my child's school.
School employees are polite to me when I call or visit the school:
I feel the school provides a safe environment.
My child's school wants to hear my ideas about how to best meet the educational needs of my child or how to make the school better:
If I need help or have a question, I know whom to talk to at this school:
In addition to report cards, this school tells me about my child's learning and grades (i.e. interim reports, weekly folders, phone calls, emails, notes home, newsletter, etc.):
My child's school makes sure I know what report card grades mean:
This school will help me assist my child with homework and learning:
Students at my child's school are treated fairly by all teachers and staff, no matter their race, cultural, or family background:
Overall, I am satisfied with the communication between this school and me:
I am familiar with the Title 1 program at my child's school (the program that provides remediation for students):
How many school events do you attend a year?
In the past school year, how many times have you contacted the school, for any reason?
Has anyone ever asked you to volunteer?
Have you ever volunteered for your child's school?
If you have never volunteered, would you like to?
Do you have Internet access at home?
Are you a member of your school's PTA?
If you are not a member of the PTA, what barriers prohibit your membership (mark all that apply):
Where do you get most of your information about school? Mark your top 3:
Do teachers post your child's information on Parent Portal (online tool that gives you access to grades, attendance, and discipline)?
Do you use Parent Portal to track your child's progress?
I am the:
What grade is your child(ren) in? Mark ALL that apply:
How many years have you lived in Mecklenburg County
What is your race or ethnicity? Please check ALL that apply:
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