2018 Application: The Particle Frontier
Sunday, March 25th through Saturday, March 31st, 2018
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Application Deadline: 12/15/17
Conference Description:
This Aspen winter conference is one of the major venues for the particle physics community to present new data and discuss novel ideas. Topics will include Higgs physics, dark matter, flavor physics, and physics beyond the Standard Model. New experimental results will be announced, including from the Large Hadron Collider and dark matter direct detection. There will be an emphasis on charting new experimental and theoretical directions. The conference format is designed to facilitate fruitful interaction between the theoretical and experimental communities.
Scientific Organizing Committee:
Kyle Cranmer, New York University
Eva Halkiadakis, Rutgers University
Rafael F. Lang, Purdue University
*Ann Nelson, University of Washington
Joshua Ruderman, New York University

*Denotes physicist in charge of diversity. The Aspen Center for Physics is committed to a significant participation of women and under-represented groups in all of its programs.

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