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Term 4 2019

Art classes with Anna and Treena

Tuesday 15th October - Thursday December 5th


Please note, Art classes with Anna Evans are 1.5 hours from 3:30 - 5:00 and 5:30pm - 7pm
Pottery classes with Treena Wilton are 1 hours from 3:30 - 4:30

All materials are included

commitment for the entire term is required

Please do not enrol unless you are fully committed to securing your child a space and having them complete Term 4 classes. Upon Enrolment you will be invoiced. These invoices are system generated. Once enrolment has been completed you have agreed to commit to these classes and schedules. Our classes are popular and limited in space. It is important to us that these spaces are allocated to those with the full intention of participating and completing these classes. For more information please read our terms and conditions before finalising this enrolment form.
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The Art Lab Enrolment Policy
I understand that by completing this enrolment form I am enrolling my child and securing a space. That this enrolment results in an invoice which must be paid. That this enrolment is financially binding and upon decision to enrol I have made a commitment to completing the transaction.

A change of clothes must be provided for the child, no responsibility for school uniforms will be taken. At the Art Lab, we require all students come to class prepared to make art. Payment for the entire term is required, No refund will be made or catch up classes offered for classes that are unattended due to students sickness or any other unforeseen circumstances. Payments must be made in full before the start of term and enrolment will be confirmed once payment has been received into the Art Lab bank account (you will be sent an invoice with account details on receipt of this booking) No refund will be made after the start of the course. A refund will be made if the class is cancelled or full at the time of enrolment. Unattended classes will not be refunded. Bad behaviour is not tolerated at The Art Lab and we reserve the right to un-enrol any child that behaves unruly. Children must be dropped off at 3:30pm and picked up at 4:30 and 5:00pm or at the times advertised in all other classes. Please confirm acknowledgement of these terms and conditions by clicking the box below.
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