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Awaken Womb Wisdom is a private one to one immersion in womb healing and self-exploration. Admission is by interview only.

This is your intake form to prepare for our conversation.

During our conversation, we will determine whether this program is a fit for you. At that time, if it is a match, you will make a non-refundable deposit to hold your space.

*** Please complete each question in detail. Take your time and be thorough.

*** ALL Intake Forms and responses are held in complete confidence and will only be seen by Diva Carla and her assistant.

Enjoy this enlightening process! I look forward to speaking with you!

Many Blessings,

Diva Carla

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Diva Carla will call you from Maine in the United States for your appointment. If you are NOT in the United States or Canada, you will be emailed Diva Carla's Zoom link.
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2. What is the single biggest challenge you face in your life currently? How long have you had this issue? *
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7. What tends to get in the way or stop you when you’re in a transition or you’re about to have a major breakthrough? *
Notice your patterns and where you sell yourself short.
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9. If during the interview we both determine this program is a fit, are you ready to invest your time, energy, money, effort, study, and practice in this immersion in order to do the work and create change and growth in your life? *
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Thank you for you for your detailed attention to this application. I hope answering these questions brought you new clarity.

If you have not already reserved your conversation, please visit my calendar at, and reserve a time.

Diva Carla will call you at the phone number you provide above, unless we make Zoom arrangements.

If I need more information on your application, my assistant will email you requesting more details.

Questions? Email us at desire [at]

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