Questionnaire for 2020
What is your age in 2020?
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Are you...
Are you...
Just as a fast and fun survey
Do you think 2020 will be a better year than 2019?
Do you think we are now a developed country as per vision 2020?
What do you think about the effects of climate change for 2020 onwards?
Are you concern about the changing of climate?
Will you use less plastic to reduce waste and pollution?
Due to climate change, do you think humanity will survive until 2100?
Will Malaysia qualify for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?
Will Malaysia win the gold medal on any sports in 2020 Summer Olympics Japan?
What should the government do to help the people to own their homes?
Do you want to own a house/apartment/condominium?
How can the government create more jobs especially for youths?
What is your biggest worry in 2020?
Do you worry about the rise of "disruptive technologies" i.e Artificial Intelligence and Robotics?
Do you think Anwar Ibrahim will be the 8th PM of Malaysia?
Do you think President Trump will be re-elected as President of USA in 2020?
Do you think President Donald Trump will visit Malaysia this year for APEC summit? (Malaysia will host 2020 APEC)
Do you think Brexit will happen in January 2020?
What is your biggest wish for you in 2020.
Will you do a New Years resolution for 2020?
Do you always keep your resolution?
Many thanks for your time...and happy new year 2020.
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