2019-2020 HS Schedule Change Request Form
Welcome back AGCS students! As the new school year is quickly approaching, our Guidance Department wanted to give you a chance to make any changes to your schedule you see fit prior to the school year starting. Your schedule will be live in PowerSchool on 8/12. Between 8/12 and the first day of school, if you have a schedule change request you must complete the form below. Please complete this form prior to contacting the Guidance Department.

If you are requesting a class change, it is important you are doing it for the right reasons as well as investigating a possible solution. Things to think about are: Are your courses giving your transcript strength and diversity? Are you taking the courses needed to gain acceptance into your post secondary goals? Are you meeting all graduation requirements? Are you enrolled in enough credits to be promoted to the next grade level? Also, please be aware that there could be a number of reasons a requested change cannot be made.

Please review the course offerings information on the school website so you can gain an understanding of when certain classes are being offered throughout the day/year. (bit.ly/1920ScheduleFramework)

It is important to note that as a small school, we do our best to accommodate each student's varying academic levels, needs, and interests. There are some situations where students must make tough choices as to course enrollment, course levels, and elective options within their academic schedule. Not every schedule request or request for a schedule adjustment will be able to be accommodated due to master schedule constraints, failing to meet prerequisites, classes being full, or due to class size.

Things to be aware of:
1.) A request for a schedule change is a request - not a guarantee of placement.
2.) You were scheduled for the full year based on your requests and what your schedule could accommodate.
3.) Make sure you are aware of what the prerequisites are for the classes you are in and any you may be requesting to move into. All prerequisites are listed in our Program of Studies which can be found on the High School Academics page on our website. If you do not meet the prerequisites for a course you cannot enroll in it.
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If your add/drop requests requires additional changes to your schedule (i.e. moving classes around) please describe the requested movement below.
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AGCS has identified specific courses available for student enrollment in lieu of a forced study hall placement adjacent to a student's science lab period. Please indicate below whether you wish to keep your currently schedule study hall period adjacent to your science lab or if you wish to instead, potentially, enroll in an additional course.
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