D4CR Online Course
Share your Project as a Case Study, in the Project Playground, and tells us why designing with kids is awesome.

Invitation from the Online Course Working group: Krystina Castella and Daniel Spikol

Since the last Talkoot, we have been very busy preparing an online course that shares with students’ methods and processes around designing for children’s rights. We need your feedback and input.

We are collecting case studies to showcase within the course that reinforce the D4CR principles https://childrensdesignguide.org/#principles. If you have a project that you have worked on that you would like to share please fill out this form and we will reach back to you.

Have a project that you want to add the bank of inspiring mini cases we call the Project Playground, fill out the form?

Want to check out the course and help us make it better, then also fill out the form!

We will be collecting the case studies in two formats - shorter 1 pager and longer 7-10 slides. We will share with you the easy templates to fill out.

During the Remotekoot we have a special session on Saturday from 18-22 CET*, the information will be sent directly to you!

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