The Parliament House Press Pledge Sign Up Spring 2020
Hello! Welcome to the Parliament House Press Pledge sign up!
We're so excited that you'll be joining us on this fantastic venture. Here, at the Press, we truly believe in all of our authors and want to provide them the best opportunity to reach their readers.

This is where YOU come in. By agreeing and joining the official reviewing and release team, you'll be taking on the books we publish, reading, reviewing, and publishing your opinions on your source of blogs. We ask that you please - post to your Goodreads accounts, Amazon account, and then to where ever you personally blog/post; whether that is Instagram, Youtube, or your own written blog. Reviews are a key part in independent authors gaining readers and having their books land in the furthest places around the world.

Where do you go to find out about a book? What entices you to buy and read it? We want those voices to be heard, and we want those eager eyes to read! When you come on board, we will begin to provide you with books to read and review. If you're on any social media, please be sure to tag us appropriately so that we can share your posts, comments, and reviews to our pages as well!

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. You'll hear about upcoming projects and more, which will give you all the heads-up on books you might see soon! Who doesn't want that?? The link to subscribe is here:

With that said, we're so excited and thrilled that so many of you have signed up to join the team; we're so happy you're here. Thank you for being a part of our Parliament journey!

Note: We only provide our reviewers with E-Book copies of our books. Signing up to review a book does not guarantee you will get to review that book.

Review Deadlines:
If possible we'd like for you to have your reviews up for upcoming releases on or before the release dates.

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