MALC Sports Re-nomination Form
This form is for teams who wish to nominate in the upcoming season of sports competitions at the Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre, and who are playing/nominated in a season immediately preceeding the upcoming/next season (may be different sports). Re-nominating a team for the next season entitles the team to a discounted nomination fee of $50 per team per season per competition.
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Would you like to recieve a 10% discount on your game fees by paying for the season in advance ?(T & C's Apply) *
As team captain, you have read and understand the Competition Rules & Regulations, and agree to ensure players on your team accept and abide by these also. *
By submitting this form, you agree to pay the renomination fee of $50, and any enforcable fees and charges incured by the "team" throughout the season *
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