Creative Splash by Arkki & BEEP Lab - free event

Place: Online - zoom meeting

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Creative Splash- 3D prototyping

Hands-on design workshop for all interested in taking a creative moment for themselves, and for those interested in creative education, STEAM education, or architecture and design education. Boost your creativity through 3D prototyping with Arkki & BEEP Lab crew. Participants will dive into the world of learning by playful experimentations, and explore their own creativity through two hands-on creative design challenges and share their ideas with others. Join us for this active learning session and experience 3D learning in action!

Materials: You only need office paper, scissors and tape to join and to set free your creativity! Optional items: paper clips, pencils, and blue tag.

The session is 60 minutes, divided into two parts of 30 min. Leaders of the event: First half; Jere Keskinen /innovator, Arkki International, Finland, second half; Albert Liang, founder of Beep Lab, Singapore.
Structure of both workshops: introductions of aims and content of the challenge, hands-on prototyping, sharing experiences

Arkki International
Arkki is a School of Creative Education for children and youth originating from Finland. Arkki´s mission is to equip and nurture the new generation with a creative mindset and innovation skills needed into and beyond the 21st century. Arkki´s program supports children in their natural ability to wonder, question, and imagine multiple solutions. Children are facilitated to explore their creative potential by ideating, hands-on experimenting, and collaborative architecture and design projects.
In 27 years, Arkki has organized thousands of courses and workshops for more than 25,000 children in more than 50 countries.

BEEP Lab (Built Environment Experiential Programme)
BEEP Lab is a Design Thinking Creative Lab for children and youth from Singapore. BEEP Lab’s mission to engage, enrich and empower our young learners to spark creativity and nurture the sense of stewardship of our built, natural and cultural environment we live in.
BEEP Lab’s curriculum takes on the design & visual thinking routine approach to See, Wonder & Do. By curating design thinking projects that are relevant to the challenges of our world with experiential learning approaches to Build, Share and Learn through hands-on collaborative creation processes using architectural design project briefs.
Over the last 5 years, BEEP Lab has been curating over hundreds of interactive and intentional design thinking workshops, camps, events and zoom workshops to impact more than 1000 children in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and China.
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