2017 Garage Sale Vendor Sign-up
The 2018 Neighborhood Garage Sale will take place on Friday-Sunday, 8AM-3PM. To participate:
1. Fill out this online registration form.
2. Submit your $10 registration fee no later than Saturday, April 28 via PayPal, *Check or Cash payable to Hamline Midway

Your $10 Registration Fee includes:
 A listing of your address and items for sale will be distributed via a link to our webpage
(www.hamlinemidway.org/garagesale) on Facebook, Twin Cities Pages, Craigslist;
 An ad in the Monitor (and if enough households participate, an ad in the Pioneer Press);
 Supplies for signs that will be placed at all major intersections and various locations throughout the neighborhood;
 Flyers that will be posted around the neighborhood at various locations;
 Your address on an interactive map that will be downloadable from our website.

There are no refunds.

*If you prefer to pay by Cash or Check, please send payment to Hamline Midway Coalition, 1558 W Minnehaha Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104. You are also welcome to drop cash or check off at the front desk of the Hamline Midway Library at the same address. Tell them to put it in the HMC box.

Garage sale signs placed around the neighborhood.
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To pay and confirm your registration visit: www.hamlinemidway.org/garagesale
For questions and additional information contact Melissa at (651)-494-7683 or garagesale@hamlinemidway.org
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