Albany/Dougherty County Historic Preservation Commission Presents
National Preservation Month SCAVENGER HUNT - People Saving Places
Historic Preservation Commission in partnership w/ Visit Albany - Preserving History 
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What is the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)?
The Albany-Dougherty Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) was established by the City and County Commissions to administer the Historic Preservation Ordinance, which was adopted in 1996.  The HPC is made up of citizens appointed by the City and County Commissions, who meet each month to review proposals for exterior alterations, new construction, and demolition of buildings in the Local Historic District. 
Scavenger Hunt Time! 
Family teams, corporate teams, friend teams, or teams of one are welcome to participate! Please place all submissions by May 31st. A drawing will occur in June 2024 to determine 3 winners. The names of each participant will be placed in a drawing and the Chair of the HPC along with Visit Albany will pull 3 names to receive a prize. Participants who submit their completed scavenger hunt form will be entered to win a prize!

How to Play: This is a test on your historic knowledge of our Albany, GA community. Take a look at each question or statement as it relates to historic places, people, monuments and years in which something may have occurred or been built. It is our hope that you might even take some time to visit some of these places and truly take in the historic significance of each site. Once you have answered each item, press submit to be entered into a prize drawing. 
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This contemporary southern Baptist church began meeting in the US Army Reserve building in 1955.  *

Can you identify this church steeple (hint one of the first African American churches established in South Central Albany)?


Before this building became the home of the Chamber of Commerce what was it and what year was it built?

Founded in 1908 this scenic area is mentioned in the book The Great Pool Jump by Randy Battle, Dennis Roberts, Curtis Williams, Pete De Lissovoy.  *
This historically significant oasis getaway, with its early 19th century antebellum mansion is used to represent and promote racial reconciliation and healing in Southwest Georgia. This legendary oasis getaway is called. . . .  *
This historically significant structure was once owned and operated by two of Albany’s advocating brothers and once served as a real estate, insurance office, and law office. It was also designated a local historic landmark in 2021. Name the structure.  *
How many citizens are appointed to serve on the Historic Preservation Commission from the county and the city? (total number) *
The HPC meets once a month. What day of the week does the Historic Preservation Commission meet on?  *
This atrium architectural style façade located on Pine Ave.  started as a dream for the owner but began a collective collaborative that opened with the intention to serve a need in the community. What is it called? *
Usually, this feature is found on the roof, but when used as siding it helps keep things waterproof.   *
This home's initial construction was in 1908 and has had recent interior renovations and modern amenities added while paying tribute to the past. This House is located next to one of Albany's beloved restaurants that is not shaped like a loaf, but you can find many inside.  *

This perfectly landscaped recreation ground is named after and dedicated to one of Albany’s African American female trailblazers and social justice activist. 

This economically developed facility opened in 1935, and in 1938 Eastern Air Lines began mail services here.  What was it formerly called and what is it called now? *
These gardens boast vibrant flora and picturesque landscapes, providing a serene escape for visitors, with its intriguing past as a former resort. Name that garden.  *
The region where Albany, GA now stands was inhabited by the Creek Indians. What did they call Albany before it got its name?  *
This all-but-forgotten part of Albany’s history was discovered overlooking Union Baptist Church and Albany State University.  What is the name of this forgotten but historically significant site? *
In 2013, this natural landscaped award-winning quail preserve reopened its doors to hunters, after the quail venue was closed to the public in 2009.  *
This first brick house in Albany, Ga was used during the Civil War as a military facility for food and supply storage.  What is the name of the house?  *
In 1931 this historic designed awarding winning building originally the main dining hall is one of the oldest architectural structures located on Albany State University East Campus and once served as the President’s Office. Who is the building named after? *
This organization believes that through education and community involvement, they are encouraging a sense of community pride and responsibility that will make our citizens more environmentally responsible. They look to change the behaviors towards littering and want to encourage proper management of waste. 

This sanctuary is the oldest Gothic Revival designed Catholic Church in use in Georgia and is the oldest church building in Albany. What is the location’s name and address? *
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