Better Boundaries Quiz
A fun way to quick-check your boundaries
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My relationship with my phone could most accurately be described as: *
My relationship with email could most accurately be described as: *
How would you describe the balance of time in your life: *
My financial story is best described as: *
If a friend confides in you that she is struggling financially you: *
In my current (or most recent) partnership, when deciding where to eat, it was my choice ___ percent of the time. *
If a friend, colleague, or partner asked me where I would like to go to dinner, I would: *
If I were to go out to eat by myself, I would: *
When it comes to compromise... *
When making an important decision, I usually *
When I think about visiting with my family of origin or in-laws I: *
If someone offers me advice when I haven't asked for it I: *
When someone is flirting with me, and I'm not interested in them, I most often: *
When I am making a new friend, or early in the dating process *
After an appointment with my therapist, I usually feel: *
When I get a confusing text message that makes me angry, I usually *
Drama is: *
Which word describes how you feel right now: *
Fill in the blank: "I'd like to get better at _______" *
Anything you want to share with me?
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