We're looking for your input and ideas on Distance Learning.
As we near the end of Quarter One, and anticipate Distance Learning for Quarter Two and onward, we'd like your feedback and ideas.
Please complete the survey below, and assist our school to improve and respond to your needs.
Definitions we use: "Synchronous" refers to 1:1 online meeting with teacher. "Asynchronous" refers to course work that can be done at any time.
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In your opinion, what changes could GPHS make in Quarter Two to increase your participation in school? *
On a scale of 1-5, how important is it for us to increase the amount of 1:1 teacher/student support opportunities? *
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Which of these five schedule changes do you think would work best? *
How likely would you be to participate in clubs, online support groups or projects to earn credit? *
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We'd love to hear your ideas. If you think our Distance Learning methods should be changed, in what ways should we change it?
If you have a job (either in-home for child care or outside of the house), how much does it impact your ability to keep up with school, on a scale of 1-5. *
It doesn't impact me at all
I think its a big reason why I'm struggling to keep up
What time of day do you typically work on school work? *
On a scale of 1-5, what has been your engagement level with school over the school year so far. *
I've hardly done anything
I've stayed on track with school
What is something that would help you better connect with school? *
How many other people in your household are doing Distance Learning? *
How aware are you of how many, and what type of credits you have remaining? *
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Very aware
What other important information should we know to best reach you and other students?
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