MJE Three Weeks "Rebuilding Together Challenge"
The Three Weeks is always a difficult time for the Jewish people, as we take three whole weeks to mourn the greatest tragedies that have befallen us. This year, it is extra difficult because we're not able to as easily share in our mourning, in person and together. However, even though we may not all be physically together at MJE, we can still learn and grow from the experience of the Three Weeks, together, as one nation.

"Tikun" means to fix, repair and rebuild, and the Three Weeks is a time for us to do tikun on ourselves and the world around us. Join other MJErs in signing up for our MJE Three Weeks "Rebuilding Together Challenge", in which you take it upon yourself one area in which you want to grow, and work on that every single one of the 21 days of the Three Weeks. For example, you may sign up for one specific hour each day in which you'll be extra careful not to speak lashon hara, gossip. Or, you may sign up to write down, every night, 5 things you're grateful for. You can work on any area of self growth you'd like.

The Temple was destroyed because of sinat chinam, baseless hatred, in which people lacked love and respect for one another. Join MJE in restoring and rebuilding that love and unity, by joining our "Rebuilding Together Challenge", and may we merit to see the Temple rebuilt.

Link to sign up: https://forms.gle/SaG1LPVbX99ptrcN6
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