Pitt Mutual Aid Team
As a result of the institutional and business responses, as well as the crisis itself, COVID-19 has evidently displaced and disrupted many students' and community members' lives in the past couple of weeks. Pitt Mutual Aid has worked hard thus far to provide mutual aid with housing, transportation, storage, emotional and spiritual support, and community building. We have also provided social media and a response resource guide as a way for the community to be more prepared with centralized, up-to-date information and resources.

However, our team seeks to expand our reach and help those disrupted in an even bigger way. Groceries, monetary funding and aid, and more platforms for community are some avenues of growth coming soon. As a team of six college students, we understand that this severe situation requires its own care and work, so we are looking for volunteers to join our team!

Please select below the task forces that you would be interested in helping!


Moderation Team: Responsible for managing and organizing resources and information from our community pages (Discord, IG, etc) and preparing it for the response resource guide

Resource Team: Responsible for acquiring, editing and disseminating information for the Pitt Mutual Aid team to present, particularly for the response resource guide and website

Transportation Team: Responsible for providing field aid for transportation, particularly drop-off/pick-up of groceries/food/hygiene supplies, helping individuals take supplies/belongings to storage/housing, etc

Website Team: Responsible for creating, customizing, and maintaining a website to serve as a centralized media for all folks

Emotional Support Team: Responsible for emotional support response and coordination. This includes general emotional wellness support resources but is not in-depth mental health support.

Spiritual Support Team: Responsible for spiritual support response and coordination. Especially seeking individuals involved with on- and off-campus religious communities.

Social Media Team: Responsible for maintaining the Twitter, Instagram, and Discord communities.
(Twitter and IG: keep track of news about COVID-19 and/or the resource guide from news outlets and other communities. Answer community questions, pass information along to someone with expertise, boost important questions and requests.)
(Discord: Moderate user behavior to make sure they are complying by the guidelines, fulfill requests for channels, ensure efficient Discord functionality.)

Design Team: Responsible for creating graphics, banners, and easy-to-consume media to present to the public
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