Nechells POD wants to know your opinion!
Hi there! Thank you for taking part in this short survey. We are conducting this poll as a way to know how the POD can best serve the community of Nechells in terms of services and activities in the area. It is important for us to know your opinion, and to hear it from you directly.

By participating in this survey, you have a chance of winning a £25 voucher!

We do not associate responses with specific users, everything stays absolutely anonymous. Responses and comments will not be shared with any other person other than our staff. You can therefore be honest - it will actually help us! And there is no right or wrong answer.

Although you don't have to answer all of the questions, we would appreciate your participation. This survey may take around 5-10 minutes to answer - but there is NO time limit, answer at your own pace!

You are...
Are you...
In the LAST WEEK, how often have you been in the city centre, for any purpose?
How often have you been anywhere else in Birmingham other than the city centre or Nechells, in the LAST TWO WEEKS, for any purpose?
Suppose you just won a huge amount of money on the condition that you have to spend it in your neighborhood but for anything you like, what would that be? You can name or describe briefly up to three ideas
Your answer
In a typical week, on average, how much time do you spend doing leisure activities that you enjoy? This includes anything you like to do in your free time
And what are these activities most often? You can list up to three activities (anything you like doing in your spare time!)
Your answer
How often are you seeing and meeting with relatives, friends or other people aside from those with whom you live?
In your opinion, what are the main issues the Nechells area is facing? You can write or describe briefly one to three issues - they can be anything you think is an issue in the area.
Your answer
What do you think has improved in your neighbourhood in the last year? You can name or describe briefly up to three things
Your answer
In your opinion, with regards to crime, do you think the situation in Nechells has improved in the last year, stayed about the same, or worsened?
In the last year, have you seen police patrols in Nechells?
Before this survey, did you know about Nechells POD and its activities and services? *
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