TSSU Membership Mobilization Committee (MMC) Stipend Request
Thanks for volunteering with TSSU and the Membership Mobilization Committee (MMC)! In order to receive your stipend, please complete this form. Please include a description of the work performed; your request will be verified by one of the Organizers.

The stipend amount is $100/month for up to 6 hours of work, with each hour thereafter paid at the rate of $20/hour to a maximum of $1,200 a month (61 hours of work). Note that hours do not carry forward from month to month. If you have multiple months of work, please fill out this form multiple times and ensure the correct month correlates to your work.

All stipends are granted according to the Stipend Policies in the TSSU By-Laws (www.tssu.ca/bylaws-policies/). Please allow up to two (2) weeks for processing and three (3) additional weeks for mailing. Your information is protected by privacy legislation.

If your stipend requests cumulatively exceed $500 in a fiscal year, please make sure to fill out the Volunteer Information form found here so you can be issued a T4A:


Contact Info
Information given here will be used for the purpose of processing stipend request only.
Name *
Please indicate your name that is associated with your bank account for the purposes of drafting the stipend.
Email *
Mailing address *
Month and year of time requested (i.e. December 2020) *
NOTE: To claim for more than one month, please fill this form again and detail the work done in that month. Hours do not transfer from month to month.
MMC Work
This section will give us a sense of the work done during the month. For work outside of meetings, try to describe with sufficient details.
Detailed description of work performed by task, with the number of hours worked for each task *
Example: Stipend for October 2020: Meetings: 11 hours (6 hours at Sessional Organizing Dept meetings, 5 at Research is Work! meetings); Member 1-on-1s: 22 hours.
What projects/campaigns did you work on? What tasks/activities did you perform?
Member 1-on-1 sessions
Membership Outreach
Project/ Campaign Meetings
Writing/ Research
Graphic Design/Media
Research Is Work! Campaign
SFU C19 Coalition
SGM Phonebanking
Clear selection
Total hours worked *
Stipend Request
Please indicate the amount that you are claiming for the month. The stipend amount is $100/month for up to 6 hours of work, with each hour thereafter paid at the rate of $20/hour to a maximum of $1,200 a month (61 hours of work) plus the Travel Subsidy if you travelled for meetings and union events and don't have UPass.
TSSU members who do not have a UPass may apply for the union's Travel Subsidy, equal to $7 per round trip travel for union related events or committee work. Are you claiming any amount under the TSSU Travel Subsidy?
Clear selection
If you answered 'yes' to the previous question, indicate the amount and activities for which you are requesting the Travel Subsidy. Please include dates and event type (e.g. Travel to MMC Meetings, Feb 6 & March 21 = $10):
Total amount requested in $CAD [stipend amount + travel subsidy (if requested)] *
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