MBSR Teacher Training: Confirmation of Intent
Centrum pro mindfulness co-organizes the first MBSR teacher training in CZ between September 2018 and May 2019. The training is based on current internationally accepted standards and criteria for teacher training of evidence-based programs based on mindfulness and will be led by prominent Dutch MBSR teacher trainers with long-term experience. The training will be tought mostly in English, including the admission interview. The number of places is limited to 25. After meeting the pre-requisites and completion of the training the graduates become qualified MBSR teachers. Please read carefully incl. the basic pre-requisites below.

Training structure: 5 residential modules of total 23 days (approx. 200 hours), full-day silent meditation retreat.

Dates of the 5 modules:

7. - 15. Sep 2018 (Fri-Sat)
21. - 25. Nov 2018 (Wed-Sun)
23. - 27. Jan 2019 (Wed-Sun)
27. - 31. Mar 2019 (Wed-Sun)
8. - 12. May 2019 (Wed-Sun)

The venue will be specified later.
Preliminary tuition: EUR 3 500 (accommodation and meals are NOT included).

Basic pre-requisites for trainees:

completed university education, BA/BSc or equivalent on that level or higher,
completed an eight-week MBSR course led by a qualified teacher,
at least a year of daily formal mindfulness practice (3 types of MBSR practice or vipassana) and
at least a seven-day-long, silent, teacher-led retreat of mindfulness (insight) meditation or vipassana (not part of the training, but may be completed also during the training).
If you are seriously interested to become a trainee, please do not hesitate to fill in this short form (not a binding registration yet).

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