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If you’re enthusiastic about YouTube and have a flair for writing, we want to hear from you. TenEighty Magazine is a volunteer-led publication that has become the most trusted voice within the UK YouTube community, and it wouldn’t be possible without our incredible team.

As volunteers, we only ask that you aim to write one article per week, but there is flexibility. Typically each writer has a set day and editors will work with you to achieve this around your availability.

Most of our writers start in the news section. From there we encourage progression and training in our columns, pulse and spotlight sections. We’re very eager to see all of our contributors diversify their writing skills and create content they’re passionate about within our various teams:

- News: unbiased and factual articles, typically about YouTube / creator projects
- Columns: weekly video curations lists around a theme or genre (currently not open for applications)
- Pulse: listicles, fun and trending articles made for sharing (currently not open for applications)
- Spotlight: conversational articles that spotlight smaller creators and/or videos (currently not open for applications)

Everyone within our team - from our writers up to our editors - volunteer their skills to TenEighty because we’re passionate about championing the UK YouTube community and believe it deserves a free independent press. Any profits made are invested back into the business for our annual print magazine and wider digital operations.

As a volunteer publication, we’re committed to training our contributors through regular feedback and monthly team sessions. This enables our team to train their skills, attend YouTube industry events, gain networking opportunities and ensures their content is seen, shared and commented on by creators and the wider YouTube community.

If your application to join the team is successful, there is a two week training process in order for us to get a feel for your writing and for you to get you to know our house style.

If you’re interested, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch if we'd like to progress your application. Good luck!

Your answers will be used by our editors to assess your suitability to join our team and may be retained indefinitely as record of your application. For more information, review our privacy policy: http://teneightymagazine.com/privacy/
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