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Notes: If you are not comfortable submitting data online, a paper version of this form is available in the Info Booth. You don't need to fill out this form for an announcement or committee report, as there is time on every GA for you to step forward and offer those. The facilitation teams aims to support Occupy Eugene in having good General Assemblies and that means making careful use of the meeting time. We give highest priority to agenda items that require immediate decisions from the full GA, and other practical matters needing full group time. Not all items requested make it on to the agenda, and we may advise you to connect with (or form) a working group or take personal initiative instead. If you are wondering what our response is to your request, it should be available
in the facilitation team logbook at the Info booth. If your proposal to the GA is on the agenda, you or someone from your group will need to be there to present it. If you have any feedback or want to communicate with the team, you are welcome to come to our committee meetings; as of this writing (things can change fast) the team meets on Mondays at noon for reflection and general process improvements, every day at 5:30pm to plan that evening's GA, and every night briefly after the GA to debrief how it went. We also have an email list and contact person, available at the Info Booth and on the Occupy Eugene website. Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding as we all learn to create democracy!
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