LA Application Form - Fall 2019 - Priority Deadline is Friday, August 16 at 11:59 PM
Welcome to the Application for New LAs, Returning LAs, and Pedagogy Head LAs!

After the priority deadline is passed, APPLICATIONS ARE STILL WELCOME, especially for courses with an asterisk!

The list of courses is still being regularly updated, so you can find an up-to-date list on the application or this spreadsheet:

You can view a pdf of the entire application here (note that the course list is incomplete):

WHO SHOULD APPLY? If you're still uncertain about whether or not to apply, especially if you don't yet feel qualified, we encourage you to go ahead and apply! (You can save your responses to re-use in future quarters.) Many LAs who didn't expect to get in were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed to the program, since we focus more on capacity for growth than grades or teaching experience.

WHAT IS THE LA PROGRAM? You can learn more about the LA (Learning Assistant) program here:
As a new Learning assistant and applicant you will be required to attend Pedagogy Seminar on TUESDAY 4-5:10 PM

WHAT IS MEANT BY THE PRIORITY DEADLINE? Applications will continue to be accepted after the deadline, especially for courses with an asterisk*. After the priority deadline, certain instructors will start selecting applicants. But most applications will be reviewed in late August and early September, in case you need more time to apply, especially those with multiple asterisks***. Acceptances will be sent out a week before Week 0.

You will receive a copy of your responses in case you want to apply in future quarters! But we recommend composing responses in a word document in case something happens during submission.

Address any questions and concerns to
LAs can earn 192 credit up to four times
You can only be a for-credit LA for up to four quarters. If you you have already been an LA for at least 4 quarters, we cannot consider your application.

Wondering what you can do if you have exceeded your unit cap? Check out this list of ideas from current LAs:
How many quarters have you been enrolled in a 192 as an LA, including summer sessions? *
Full Name (use preferred first name if different from official first name) *
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Expected graduation term
Please indicate which courses you'd be most interested in working with. *An asterisk indicates a high need for LAs.
Please note that we give priority to students who have taken the class with the professor that they intend to work with. We still encourage transfer students to apply, and we recommend focusing on courses being taught by a given instructor for the first time. If you do not wish to indicate a second or third choice, etc., please select "N/A".
1st choice
2nd choice
3rd choice
4th choice
5th choice
6th choice
AOS101 (Kok)
Chem14A* (Caram - okay if you had a different instructor)
Chem14B* (Quinlan - new, so no need to have had this instructor)
Chem14C (Pham)
Chem14C (other - not confirmed)
Chem14D (Nag - new, so no need to have had this instructor)
Chem14D (other - not confirmed)
Chem20A* (Beren)
Chem20A (Baugh - not confirmed)
Chem30A (Pham)
Chem30B (Merlic - not confirmed)
Chem110A (Gelbart)
Chem153A (Awad)
Chem153A (Weiss, R.L. - not confirmed)
Chem153B (Lee - not confirmed )
Chem153L (Hong-Hermesdorf)
CS30 (Millstein)
CS31 (Smallberg)*
CS33 (Nowatzki)
BE/CS M182 (DiStefano)
EPSS/AOS M71 (Aurnou)
LS7A (Maloy) [LS1-4 not sufficient due to restructuring]
LS7A (Other) [LS1-4 not sufficient due to restructuring]
LS7B [LS1-4 not sufficient due to restructuring]
LS7C [LS1-4 not sufficient due to restructuring]
LS23L (Pfluegl)
LS30A (Shevstov)
Math1 (Ronchetti)
Math3A (Roper - not confirmed)
Math3B* (Greene)
Math3C (Boedihardjjo - not confirmed)
Math31A (not confirmed)
Math31AL* (Greene)
Math31AL* (Conley)
Math31B (Brizolis and others - not confirmed)
Math32A (not confirmed)
Math32B* (May)
Math32B (White - not confirmed)
Math33A* (not confirmed)
Math33B (not confirmed)
Phys1A, 1B or 1C (not confirmed)
Phys4AL* (Hauser)
Phys4BL* (Arisaka)
Phys5A (Samani)
Phys5A (Sakai)
Phys5B (Niemann)
Phys5C (not confirmed)
Phys5AL (Arisaka)
Phys5BL (Arisaka)
Phys5CL (Arisaka)
Psych10 (Clark)
Psych116 (Grisham)
Other (Please specify COURSE and INSTRUCTOR)
For all the courses you indicated an interest in, please list the professor you had for the course and the grade received (i.e. Course - Professor - Grade Received - Quarter You Took The Course). If you have not yet completed the course, indicate your expected grade. If you had a big improvement between first exam grade and final exam grade, please note that here. *
If you are a transfer student, please indicate the grade for the course equivalent. Please follow this format: Biochem 153A - Tienson-Tseng - B
Your answer
OPTIONAL: Any Additional Preferences?
i.e. Are you looking to work with a specific professor? Are you interested in a class that wasn't listed (which is unlikely)? etc.
Your answer
In the next section, we'll ask you to tell us more about you, so we can ensure the program is a good fit for your interests.
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