Talk proposal for KISS2017: Augmenting Reality
Share your results with the audience that can best appreciate your accomplishment — your fellow Kyma practitioners! Have you solved a problem, finished the sound design for a game, completed a collaborative artwork, created some unusual sound effects for a film, or collaborated with a researcher from another discipline? Are you particularly proud of some sounds you designed for a film, a game or an advertisement? Share your stories, challenges, solutions, lessons learned, and future challenges yet to be solved!

Keynotes are longer talks specifically related to the theme of the conference — augmenting reality — in particular how it relates to sound, music, Kyma and potential future opportunities for using sound in augmented reality.

(Please note, this is for standalone talks; if you are proposing a talk in conjunction with a live performance, please use the Live Performance proposal form for both the performance and the related talk. Thanks!)
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Please give some thought to the concept of how sound can enhance or add to the flow of experience that we call "reality". Your topic could be literally related to what is commonly referred to as the technology-mediated "augmented reality" with heads-up displays or head-tracking visors. Or it may be related in an oblique or unexpected way (for example, in the way that people often provide a "sound track" for their daily lives by wearing ear-buds while exercising, or in the more general way that music and sound can enhance situations, films, or games).
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Since KISS2017 is all about human interaction, we ask that, should your proposal be accepted, you will attend the symposium to present your work. (If unavoidable, unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending, your presentation will have to be dropped from the program). Also, since the proposals are carefully reviewed by a selection committee, we ask that if your proposal is accepted, that you not substitute a different topic without submitting the new proposal for a full review by the selection committee prior to the submission deadline. Although our budget sadly does not allow for remuneration of presenters, the organizers have generously offered to subsidize presenters, co-presenters and performers of accepted presentations at a reduced-rate conference fee (equal to the subsidized student rate).
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