Mixtek & Mystics 2018
Event Timing: May 6 - 12th, 2018
Event Address: 513 South Main, Gunnison Colorado 81230
Contact us at: pwlightworkshops@gmail.com
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$960 incl. meals & materials (excl. brushes, housing & travel)
Returning PWL students : $860 for first 5 that apply

There are multiple options for housing in the area depending on your comfort needs, starting at $25 a day.
If you are traveling from out of town you will want to arrive no later than Saturday May 5th and leave no earlier than Sunday May 13th.

Admin & Studio assistance by Katie Rose Rainbowmaker.

Confirmation of Acceptance
You will receive a confirmation of acceptance once this form is filled out and information will be given on where to send the workshop fee.
Statement of Intention and Disclaimer from Amanda Sage
It is understood that this is a painting class where the visual expression is explored and not advertised as therapy, though making art usually is. We (myself and any guests) are artists and not therapists here to offer new windows into techniques and ways of seeing. We are not responsible for any injuries incurred enroute to, at and leaving the workshop. We are in service to creating a safe container to explore our visions while offering methods for translation into the physical.
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