Zero Waste Startup Survey (2 min)
Hi there,

This is Michel & Daniel and we want to 'officially' welcome you to our world.

Through our experiences while traveling around the world we became more and more aware of the actual waste problem our planet is facing.

After learning the ropes in how to build up startups, my co-founder and I decided to quit our well-paid jobs to tackle this scary challenge our world is facing.

Observing the pioneers that consciously renounce many things (which I have great respect for!), we realized that this whole movement around ZEROWASTE needs innovation to be adapted by the majority of people.

And that is why we have set out for our journey. We are on a mission to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable consumption of everyone. It's our goal to make it more convenient to live a low-waste lifestyle.

We will reach this goal by building the first online supermarket without any packaging waste. We do this by delivering groceries in reusable packaging and helping people to make the change.

But we need your help to get there!

We have to learn from your challenges and your desires when trying to reduce your impact of your lifestyle. Only if we truly understand your behavior, we can design a service with an impact!

And that's exactly why we are asking you to fill out this survey. It'll take about 2 minutes.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Michel Bürki & Daniel Kunz
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