Application for Waiver of Confidentiality and School Fee Waiver 2017-2018


    Optional: You do not have to complete this form to get free or reduced price school meals. If your child (ren) qualifies for free or reduced price meals, you MAY also be eligible for other benefits. One of these benefits is free or reduced school fees.


    Fees Grades 10-12 $70.00 Fees Grades 6- 9 $60.00 Fees Grades 1- 5 $50.00 Fees Kindergarten $40.00 Fees Early Childhood Special Education $35.00 Transportation/Bus Fees $280.00 Driver’s Education Fees $300.00 Community Education Fees Fees Vary Beyond the Bell before and after school child care- Walnut Hills, Woodland, Maple Grove and Shuler – you will need to contact the Associate Director of Childcare, Andrea Wilmes at 515-987-5161 ext. 4550, once you have been approved for free/reduced fees.

    These fees are optional for families and ARE NOT waived or reduced.

    NOT WAIVED: Activity Tickets Band Instrument Rental Class Dues Parking Stickers Transcript Fees Yearbooks